Responsabilidade corporativa

A Yedda está comprometida em fazer o que é certo


Através de nossos programas de treinamento bem estruturados, nossos colaboradores podem garantir que possuem o conhecimento necessário para realizar seu trabalho, bem como têm a oportunidade de aprimorar suas habilidades e assumir novas responsabilidades.


Nosso objetivo é promover a inclusividade, ajudando indivíduos com deficiência a conquistar independência financeira, elevar sua autoestima e contribuir para a sociedade.


Responsabilidade envolve tanto a confiabilidade quanto a prática de prestação transparente de contas aos cidadãos das comunidades locais por parte de instituições e organizações da sociedade civil.

"I'm happy to work with everyone. Team members have accompanied and supported me to work in a friendly, fun, sociable working environment and together made every effort to build and help people with disabilities have opportunities to work and develop at work. stable source of personal income. Helps you be more confident in life. Always aim for positive and good things. Thank you Yedda! has helped me grow and progress in work and life."


"After 6 years with the company, I joined right after graduation and learned the ropes under the guidance of my colleagues. The company's unique environment supports people with disabilities, allowing them to earn income and express themselves comfortably. I'm grateful to my boss for personal and professional growth opportunities, and I'm committed to contributing to the company's ongoing development. The support and enthusiasm from my boss and colleagues have been invaluable, making it a privilege to be part of the company's growth."


"I have been with Yedda for 6 years. I've learned a lot with supportive colleagues, including those with disabilities who inspire us with their enthusiasm and resilience. It's heartwarming to see them shine. We appreciate Yedda for creating an inclusive environment and boosting their confidence. All of us at the factory are thankful and wish Yedda the best going forward."


"My life has had a significant amount of time spent at the company. The company has helped me navigate through times when I felt lost in both life and work. I'm always grateful for the company's support, value the trust of my boss, and it has helped me grow each day, both in my job and in life."


"In life, if there's something that can't be forced, it's fate, and my journey to Yedda is no exception. It was my first time working in an environment where most colleagues have disabilities, and that itself motivated me to dedicate myself to the company even more. Here, I've met wonderful colleagues, witnessed the company's growth, worked, laughed, and even cried together. Life is a subtraction, each meeting is a deduction. So, I deeply cherish the bonds we've formed, the years we've worked together, and this place as my second home. Thanks to the boss, company, and all staff for being a part of my life's memories. Love all!


"After nearly 7 years of dedication to the company, starting from the very first brick, building policies, regulations, and guidelines, until one day, we all merged into a close-knit community. It became a second home for me and my colleagues.

I deeply admire and appreciate someone who is kind, intelligent, and, especially, always encouraging me to move forward no matter the circumstances - that is our boss.I appreciate the dedication of my colleagues and promise to work harder to expand the company's impact, providing opportunities for people with disabilities and making a positive contribution to society.

I love Yedda and I love all of you."


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